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Band Members Include:
  • Jonathan Sloan - Guitar/Vocals/Drums
  • Steven Poteat - Guitar/Vocals/Drums
  • Kevin Newton - Bass Guitar/Keys
  • Randy Saxon - Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin
  • Trent Hoyle - Saxophone/Keys/Vocals

Latest News


A few announcements... 

The recording/mixing/mastering of our second album is finished! We are waiting for the artwork (which is being created by our friend Todd Yelton) to be finalized and then we will be sending it off to mass duplicated.

Once we have the cd we will plan quite a cd release party TBA. Where would you like us to have it?

We also would like to welcome Randy Saxon (banjo,mandolin..., guitar) and Trent Hoyle (Saxophone, keys) to our Sloantones family. Everything has been sounding great in the practice room. We can't wait to get out there and show you guys the new and improved Sloantones.

We also have a new video up from our second album.

As always, thank you guys for all of your support. It's been a fun journey for us so far and we are excited to see where everything goes.

Much LOVE,

Album Update 


We have really taken our time recording our second album. However, we feel it will be worth the wait! We only have a tiny bit of touching up to do then we will be moving into the mixing faze. Hopefully that shouldn't take too long and we will be ready to have this album available to you soon. As soon as we finish up this album we are going to go ahead and begin album three. Album three will be a fun adventure for us because we plan to incorporate more instruments into our work. Such as Banjo, Violin, Piano, mandolin and anything else we can get our hands on. Thank you all for your patience and support!

A message to the People  

 Hello everyone,

We have been working hard recording our latest album. We don't have a set release date yet but there will be one announced soon. The past several months have been really busy for us and we have been a little slack updating our site. That is all going to be changing soon. Please be patient with us and check back soon for more news and updates. 
Also keep us with us by signing up for our mailing list. In the next few months,  we are going to start having giveaways! 
Much Love to you all. 

A Day of Music 

We have been selected to play the first anual College Radio Day Music Festival, brought to you by Blue Echo Radio at UNCA. Blue Echo will also have us on the air for live performances and interviews in the coming months.   

It's Almost Time!  

We are about to start recording our second album and we can't be any more excited about it. We have grown as musicians a lot in the past year and we can't wait to show you our new ideas. We have already started playing songs that we will be recording out live and they are getting great response from crowds. Join our mailing list or "Like" us on Facebook to stay updated on the progress of our new album. Thank you all.

Clear Mountain View Festival 

We had a great time at the 1st annual Clear Mountain View Festival this past weekend. There was a lot of great music throughout the weekend and we are glad we got to be a part of it. We gave out CDs all weekend.  If you were given a CD, please tell us what you think about it. What is your favorite song?

Art of Sound Music Festival

Uptown - Shelby NC



It is up to you, the fans, to keep this band alive and growing. Download our free tracks, but more importantly, share our free tracks. Enjoy!

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